Future Frame

 At Keenan Timber Frame we have developed a new state of the art Timber Frame System called Future Frame. 


   At this stage everyone in the industry knows the benefit of Timber Frame. Ktf have developed a new product that takes Timber Frame a stage further, called Future Frame. Future Frame is a semi closed timber frame panel. It merges all the advantages of open panel and closed panel timber frame systems. Most of the material is factory fitted but you still have flexibility in relation to services such as plumbing and electrics.

What are the advantages of Future Frame?
Higher BER-Building energy rating.  With new and improved key points as listed below, Our Timber Frame system Future Frame helps to give your home a better energy rating which will make your home cheaper to run and should help you achieve a better selling price.  

Fantastic U Values.
Ktf Future Frame Plus = .20, Ktf Future Frame Elite = .16 Remember! the lower the U-Value the lower the heat loss. Future Frame U-Value calculations have been calculated by 3 independent bodies. Copies of these calculations can be obtained from Ktf Housing on request. Future Frame is a Timber Frame system that will go beyond your U-Value needs.

Air Tightness.
Ktf Future Frame is one of the first Timber Frame houses in Ireland to incorporate Air-tightness into the walls panels as they are made in the factory. This reduces the possibility for mistakes in the timber frame system and waste on site. Ktf Future Frame also incorporates Intello Pro Clima (German System) which is a product that acts very well as an air barrier but will also release vapour from the wall if needed. Future Frame is a Timber Frame System that will make you home air-tight and low energy.

Less Cold Bridging.
Cold bridging in  timber frame systems is where structural elements transfer cold from the outside cold area to the inside warm area. Cold bridging is an enemy of energy efficiency and has a negative effect on a house BER-Building Energy Rating (See back page for more details). The lower the Cold Bridging % area in the timber frame wall the better. Future Frame offers around half the Cold Bridging on a standard Timber Frame. Future Frame Passive has a thermal bridging factor of .02

Less Work on Site.
The more work that can be done on the timber frame offsite the better for lots of reasons. Because most of the insulation and air barrier is installed in the factory there is less time wasted on site. When Ktf Future Frame is delivered the electrician and plumber can get to work almost straight away.

Higher Quality.
All of the elements that make up Future Frame are carried out in the Ktf state of the art factory. Work carried out under controlled factory conditions will almost always be of a higher quality timber frame than the work carried out under site conditions and with much less waste. Future Frame is also built using our computerized automated timber frame manufacturing line.

Energy Efficient and Sustainable.
Timber itself is a good insulator against the cold. Timber Frame Wood is a renewable resource. We will never run out of trees! The more wood we use, the more our forests grow, because in Europe we are committed to planting more trees than we harvest. Every year our forests grow by over 3,500 square miles – equivalent to an area the size of Cyprus. Ktf only source timber from properly managed forests which are governed by bodies like FSC and PEFC.

Service Batten Factory Fitted.
When Future Frame is delivered to site the service batten is fitted with the Air Tight barrier fitted behind. This means the electricians and plumbers can get to work straight away. Standard timber frame homes do not have this service batten and so all timbers have to be drilled for cables and pipes. Future Frame is a Timber Frame system that has a unique design with the service batten built in for cables and pipes. With Ktf Future Frame this service area is also insulated which greatly helps the U-Value.
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