About Us

Why Ktf?

In an environment where construction has contracted by around 80% Ktf has managed to maintain good output by being innovative and proactive in seeing where the market is going and the type of product that will serve the client best. This was proved the Ktf launched Future Frame, the first semi closed air tight panel to be factor produced in Ireland. Future Frame is aimed at the ‘A’ Rated and Passive home builder. As a result of bring Future Frame to the market, Ktf now have a wide selection of completed ‘A’ Rated projects in our portfolio to date. Ktf has competitors but we pride ourselves in having an edge over these competitors when it comes to innovation, the quality of our product and our pre-sale and after sales service.


Quality is of great importance to us therefore we operate an approved Quality Control System throughout all phases of the sales, design, manufacturing and erection process. Each individual house is designed by an independent structural engineer and comes complete with a full set of calculations, summary sheet and signed certificate. The various specification sheets, agreement certificates and treatment certificates are held on file for each house as part of our quality control system. Therefore all houses are manufactured strictly in accordance with best practice pertaining in the industry.
In recognition of the quality of our houses and high standards of service, Ktf have accreditation from the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) and the Irish Timber Frame Manufacturers Association (ITFMA).n.
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