Why we build Airtight

Watch this short video below to help explain why you need to build Air Tight.

At Ktf we only us the best materials available. pro clima are based in Germany and have been providing Intelligent airtight and windtight building solutions since 1981 with their products used in some of the most airtight constructions in Ireland, the UK and throughout Europe. They lead the field in the development and manufacture of Intelligent, high performance sealing systems for thermal insulation in constructions.
Sustainable design and construction to achieve Low Energy, PassivHaus and Zero Carbon homes is now at the forefront of the building and planning process. Codes and standards are in place which aim to reduce carbon emissions and create homes that are healthier and more sustainable. The only way to achieve PassivHaus, Low Carbon and Zero Carbon building is to ensure a high level of airtightness is attained.
That means designing and installing a continuous seal around the internal fabric of the external envelope to eliminate unwanted draughts. Once the airtight vapour check is in place and sealed with pro clima’s flexible and durable tapes, seals and glues, it ensures that the insulation functions to its optimum performance, saving energy and drastically reducing carbon emissions for the lifetime of the building.
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